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Welcome Riverbat Faculty!


Welcome, Riverbat Faculty! We are pleased to have you join in our mission of providing affordable access to higher education and training, and serving our students and community with excellence in all that we do. While everyone’s role at ACC contributes to the learning experience, faculty are the key resource in helping our students achieve their educational goals.

Our vision is for ACC faculty to lead as a model of teaching and learning excellence in higher education. Your work is essential to the Central Texas community, and we strive to provide you with the best support possible. ACC’s Faculty Handbook is an online quick reference guide detailing information pertaining to all faculty. It provides general information about College policies, procedures, services, and responsibilities related to your career and roles. This handbook has everything you need to succeed at ACC.

While you are here, please take advantage of the opportunities to get involved in ACC. This includes participating in teaching and learning excellence programs, shared governance committees, and campus activities.

We’re excited to have you at ACC and look forward to celebrating your years of service in the future!

Please email with any updates, questions, or suggestions for the ACC Faculty Handbook.

Last Updated: April 2023